Why we process personal data

The personal data you provide will be used to:

  • process applications and maintenance for tenancy, leases and shared ownership;
  • provide a care, support or ancillary service;
  • keep your files/account information up to date;
  • comply with the law for safeguarding, data privacy, financial transactions, health and safety and landlord responsibilities;
  • carry out identity and security checks;
  • conduct research to improve services;
  • investigate complaints, grievances, policy compliance and queries;
  • support physical security, crime deterrence and investigation;
  • make representation during disputes, litigation or conflict resolution;
  • process job applications;
  • manage employees, support workers and contractors; and
  • keep a record of visitors to some business locations.

When we process personal data, it means we collect, record, organise, structure, store, adapt, alter, retrieve, consult, use, disclose, transmit, disseminate, align, combine, restrict, erase or destroy personal data.